Why I Volunteer: Part Three

[Editor's Note: This is part there of an on-going series of why people choose to volunteer.  Read part one, and part two. This post is by guest blogger Amy Root.  Want to guest blog for GoVoluntr? Email us.]

Hi, my name is Amy Root. I’ve volunteered here and there throughout my life and I’m at a point in my career that I am satisfied with what I do but still want more. As a guest blogger I’d like to share why volunteering is my solution.

I find myself looking for more in life and I have found that volunteering helps me answer some big questions. What’s my purpose? What makes me happy? What more can I do? Giving is the answer. Giving to others, giving to a cause, sharing my friendship, my talent, and my time. Learning and growing: I like to discover new things. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to do things you may have never had the chance to do before. Learn new skills and maybe stumble upon a new talent along the way. The best way to learn is by experience. Any time you throw yourself into the unknown you will learn, and you will grow. Isn’t that something all of us desire, to learn and to grow? Purpose in my community: My daily routine sometimes leaves me feeling disconnected. Being involved and volunteering in my community gives back to the place that has given me so much. I leave feeling I am a part of something; that I have contributed to the cause. I am given the opportunity to positively impact other lives, as well as my own. Any time I have volunteered I come home with a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart and a desire for more.

Quality time: As I mentioned earlier I have been looking for something to add value to my life other then my career. Volunteering has been one of the best things to do. It fills so many of my needs and more that I never knew where even there. I have found new and wonderful relationships, I’m learning new trades, and have had so much fun doing it all. Volunteering makes me feel good about what I have done with my extra time. No longer spending time watching TV and instead hitting the streets to see what I can do to make my world a better place.

Volunteering has given me a better perspective on my community. It has proved to me that there are a ton of folks that want the same things that I do.  We all have a desire to help, to learn, to spend our time in a good way. Doing good, as GoVoluntr says, being a do gooder has given me purpose. Thank you to all that do good and volunteer! Follow me on www.govoluntr.com VID #11. See you on the volunteer road.

-Amy Root

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