A New(ish)comer

[Editor's Note: This blog post comes from one of our newest GoVoluntr team members, Natalie Files (VID 8684).  Want to contribute to our blog?  Get in touch.]

Today was the day… the day that I get my lazy butt up and back in the saddle. I used to be so much more active in the world of volunteering; working in food kitchens, helping out at elementary schools, and even planting trees!

What happened to me? I guess I am really good at giving myself excuses:

“I am too busy with work”

or “I only get two days off to myself; I want to spend them with my family!”

or my most pathetic and ever popular “My feet literally hurt too much from wearing stupid heels all day to move.”

Then one day something amazing happened! It was a day like any other day, when a man looking to purchase a shirt for his wedding came into the clothing store I worked for. While making small talk he told me about his line of work; he told me about his startup company called GoVoluntr.

He seemed nice… a real Do-Goodr type, but I had no idea the impact he was about to make. I did know however, that his idea interested me and I definitely needed to learn more.

A business card and two cups of coffee later… I was hooked!

How cool was this company?! They do good themselves by volunteering A LOT all over the Bay Area, work on encouraging others to do the same, and reward them for their acts! I needed in.

Now I am helping these guys any way I can. My goal is to make as many people aware of these Do Goodrs as possible. I must admit there were some selfish reasons as well…

I was in a funk. I knew I wanted to do something new. I wanted to use my talents for something good. To be honest, I needed something that made me feel like I was helping.

It seemed like destiny! This was the push that I needed to get back in

the game and make the world a better place. Sure it can be a little scary… meeting people you don’t know and stepping out of your comfort zone, but after you volunteer I can guarantee you wont regret it.

Why you ask?

Volunteering makes you feel good. It makes you feel fulfilled and like you are doing something that has great value to other people…not just yourself. The truth is: you get addicted and lucky for me I have the perfect platform of GoVoluntr to feed it!

So here I am… taking that first step again, ignoring all my exceedingly lame excuses. I am helping my older than dirt (but handsomer than George Clooney) border collie, into my car to be whisked away to help me volunteer for the Palo Alto Humane Society.

Now my challenge to you friends is to take that initial step… quit being lazy, grab a friend, (or as in my case a dog), or even go solo, and do some good in the world! I will guarantee you that your time is better spent there than watching another rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and eating a Big Mac on the couch. And yes, I also love F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Big Macs… so I know it’s challenging… but trust me on this one! GoVoluntr!!!

- Natalie Files, VID 8685