Yelp Helps! 2014 Recap

This year GoVoluntr teamed up with Yelp again for Yelp Helps! 2014.  The rules were simple: volunteer at least 3 hours between February 15 and March 15.  All Do Goodrs who participated in Yelp Helps! 2014 got an exclusive invite to Yelp Helps! Appreciation Prom on March 28!

Check out the numbers to see the collective impact of our Do Goodrs during the Yelp Helps volunteer campaign.  (there were additional hours not included at the time this infographic was released… Do Goodrs actually ended up doing OVER 1400 HOURS! Good job!  You all are rockstars!)


We were so happy to get to meet Do Goodrs at Yelp Prom!

Note to all: If you didn’t already know, if you take photos of yourself and GoVoluntr shwag, or even better — with the GoVoluntr team, you’ll earn a special Paparazzi VPin!  Thanks for being awesome rockstars & we look forward to doing more good with you!

Work hard, play hard, GoVoluntr hardest!