Connecting with Millennial Do Goodrs

[ The following blog post is a summary and list of tips based on the 2012 Millennial Impact Report.  This is to help provide insight to nonprofits and other social good organizations looking to recruit and retain Millennial Do Goodrs ]

The 2012 Millennial Impact Report was released and the findings show that Millennials are engaged and want to act on that engagement. They want to give, they want to serve, they want to learn, and they want to teach. Millennial Do Goodrs can be the undiscovered talent that remain overlooked until they are connected with the right organizations and opportunities.

For non-profits the big question is, “How do we tap into that undiscovered talent and connect with our Millennial Do Goodrs?” The suggestions below will help you engage Millennials in their preferred methods.


When learning about a nonprofit, Millennials’ top preferences are: Website, Social Media, and E-Newsletter.

Website Tips:
• Make sure your website is user-friendly; becoming mobile-friendly can also be beneficial. Navigation should be seamless and information easily accessible.
• Make sure your organization’s mission statement is purposeful and succinct.
• Photos and images help show your stories instead of telling them.

Social Media Tips:
• Use each social media network for their intended purpose and play on each of their strengths. Scheduling auto-posts from one source to all your social networks can overlook relevant tagging, hashtags, and engagement with each networks’ users.
• Be genuine with the content you post and realize that engagement is more than just disseminating information. It’s about having an actual conversation or creating relationships with your audience.

E-Newsletter Tips:
• Make sure your newsletters are either informative or calling Do Goodrs to action. Be concise with your words.
• Use bulleted lists to summarize organization news and include upcoming events or volunteer opportunities. Including visuals and images can keep readers engaged to read on.
• Make sure you link back to your website in some way in order to help gain traffic.

63% of Millennials volunteered in 2011 and 41% of them stated they would volunteer more in 2012. Of those, volunteers prefer short-term, ongoing, and intensive volunteer opportunities and a majority prefer to learn about volunteering through peers.

Tips to Increase Volunteer Involvement:
• Provide one-time and long-term volunteer opportunities (GoVoluntr just added this search option on our site! Make sure to select the proper options for your next event).
• Make sure you provide a wide array of opportunities and time frames. Even one hour helps make a difference. But make sure you are clear about the time commitment and duties.
• Put volunteers in a place they want to be and can utilize their talents. Volunteering isn’t just about what your organization needs, it’s about where can people’s skills can be most beneficial and where people can feel a connection. Show how each and every volunteer benefits the organization. Happy volunteers are returning volunteers!

Although 47% of Millennials would give time and 16% would give money, 37% said they would give time AND money. Monetary gifts have potential to grow; 27% of respondents said they give larger amounts to a few organizations they care about. Recently, the trend of philanthropic crowdfunding sites have been growing.

You might want to check out a few philanthropic sites that put a twist on giving. They’re doing it and doing it right:

• Fundly