Why I Volunteer: Part One

I want to share with you why I volunteer. There are many reasons why people volunteer, plenty of blogs about volunteer psychology, and why people should volunteer. Today I want to simply share with you my personal reasons for volunteering. I, like most, have many reasons for volunteering, but there are 4 core motivations that drive me to be a Do Gooder:1. Learning: Personal growth and development – whatever you may call it. I volunteer to learn new things. To me it’s like opening a window into a new world, reading an amazing book, and connecting with different people that I can learn from. It’s very exciting to try something new and to immerse myself in environments that I’m normally not accustomed to. For this reason, learning is my number one motivation.

2. Friendship: Believe it or not you will make some of your best connections personally and professionally volunteering. It’s networking without feeling like networking; it’s like being on a first date without having an awkward silence; it’s like catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a year. It’s much more natural to meet and connect with other do gooders with an activity of volunteering, where you can converse about anything and still come back to the common ground of the volunteer activity at hand.

3. Accomplishment: I love the feeling of completing tasks. Sometimes I’ll make a list of tasks that need to get done just for the satisfaction of crossing it off. :) When I volunteer I love the idea of knowing that I’ve contributed to the well being of my fellow man and community. This comes with a sense of accomplishment knowing that my efforts have contributed to a common goal that I share with others. Volunteering varies but you can even find volunteer opportunities where you can start and finish a project in one day. I love those!

4. Having Fun! Although I list having fun last in my order of motivation it does not mean it’s least important. I’m passionate about having fun as much as I am about being a steward of my community. Volunteering is fun and like a lot of things in life, having fun is a simple perspective shift of what your doing. It’s also easier to have fun when you learn about and understand the community your serving, build great friendships and accomplish things together for a common good.

Hope you enjoyed reading about why I volunteer! Would love to hear your thoughts on why you volunteer.

If your interested in guest blogging as part of this series, email us at hello@govoluntr.com and answer the question: Why do you volunteer?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Volunteer: Part One

  1. Amy Root

    New to volunteering; it has opened up a whole new world for me. It has gotten me out of the 9-5 life that we all get sucked into. Already I have learned so much, had so many great experiences and met wonderful people along the way. Most of all it has given me purpose, I feel like I am finally contributing to a worthy cause and doing good. Thanks GoVo for making it easy and fun! So excited to get my first Vpin!

  2. Young Han

    @Amy, would you be interested in guest blogging about why you volunteer? :)

    Would love to hear more about your thoughts on the subject.

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