[Breaking News] New Community Manager is Awesome!

I’m supposed to create a super awesome blurb about myself before answering interview questions that the guys wrote up for me… sooo here goes it:

Caroline is the newest addition to GoVoluntr.  Being the Community Manager, aka “Social Media Maven”, this means that all your social networks are no longer safe.  In fact, she met GoVoluntr by Twitter stalking… then LinkedIn… then Facebook… then in person at a Relay for Life event.

She’s currently at California State University, East Bay working toward her Master of Public Administration with an option in Public Management and Policy Analysis.  She hopes to one day start her own non-profit or create a program under a non-profit, specifically focusing on youth empowerment.  Her top volunteer causes are youth, health, education, and animals.

When she’s not creating beautiful content for you all to enjoy, she’s looking up reasons to visit Seattle or photographing her super cute children: a male dachshund named Tibbers and two female sulcata tortoises named Koopa and Yoshi.


  1. What’s your favorite color?
    Green.  But I don’t wear it much.


  1. Last meal?
    My mom’s pancit palabok (a super yummy Filipino noodle dish) and creme brulee!


  1. How would you cure world hunger?
    PHO.  My friend Francie made pho for our annual potluck last year and that pot of pho was bottomless.  30 of us (who eat like an army of 300) and plenty of pho still left over.  I literally said that night, “Pho is the cure for world hunger!”


  1. Pepsi or Coke?
    Ehh, I’m not a big soda person.  Fresh squeezed OJ with lotssss of pulp.  YUM!


  1. What do you do for fun?
    Depends on my mood.  Sometimes I want to travel all around the world and other days I prefer to stay curled up in my bed.  I do tend to lurk in coffee shops though…


  1. What are the qualities you hate in a boss?
    Unappreciative bosses or Catch-22 bosses.


  1. What’s your favorite place on Earth?
    I haven’t explored all of Earth yet but of all places I’ve visited so far, Seattle!


  1. Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper?
    Ryan Gosling.  Hearts fly out of my eyeballs for him.


  1. Steve Buscemi or Gary Busey?
    Steve Buscemi.  Only because no one freaks me out more than he does thanks to his role in Con-Air.  Now THAT’S some good acting.


  1. You are in a dark room with no light. You need matching socks for your interview and you have 19 grey socks and 25 black socks. What are the chances you will get a matching pair?
    0% chance.  I’d be dressed to impress so I’d choose tights for my interview!


  1. Who’s your hero?


  1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
    It’s a toss up between telekinesis and matter ingestion… I’d be able to control objects and never have to get up for anything AND I’d be able to eat anything and everything without any ill effects.


  1. Who’s your favorite GoVo founder other than Young or Kevin?
    Hmm.. I guess I’d have to say the founder that wrote this question.  LOL.  Hi MJ!

    Caroline (P.S. I’m VID 812 so follow me!)