Sweet 16!

We’re 3 volunteer hours away from tracking 16,000 hours of verified volunteer service as I write this post. I sit here on a Sunday catching up from my week and preparing for the next one, taking a moment to reflect on what 16,000 hours of community service means. How many people, services, communities, families, cities, businesses, and non-profits have been impacted by the service of others?

I’m so grateful to all the Do Goodrs out there who’ve embraced us at GoVoluntr but more importantly the act of community service. It’s one thing to support causes but it’s altogether a different thing to know that 16,000 hours have been tangibly contributed to our local communities, and more than just a Facebook like. I’m inspired and grateful by the good that our GoVoluntr Do Goodrs contribute to the community.

The last 6 months have been incredible for our communities. In October of 2012, we had sourced and tracked 350 volunteer hours, which was fantastic. In the proceeding months our users have really embraced us and we embraced back by launching version 2 of our site. Fast forward 6 months later to today and we’re now tracking over 5 times the number of hours of service a month!

We can’t thank you enough for supporting us in our mission to make it fun and easy for everyone to volunteer. We’ve got some exciting things coming up and look forward to the next 16,000 hours of service! Keep doing good and get your friends involved!

Young Han
Work Hard, Play Harder, GoVoluntr Hardest.