Version 2 is Here!

If you’ve been to our site lately – you may have noticed things look a bit different. Well, probably a lot different! We are happy to announce the rollout of Version 2.0 for GoVoluntr and we think you are going to just love it. I wanted to take some time to highlight a few of the new features and improvements, as well as help you familiarize with the new layout. So let’s take a look.

The first thing you will probably notice is a much cleaner and simpler homepage. We’ve gotten down to just the bare minimum. We’ve also included some new information for users who may be new to the site. Check out a pretty cool breakdown of our site features for businesses and non-profits and let us know if you want to see your favorite one on GoVoluntr!

We realized that having two login buttons was just too confusing – but at the same time, we want it to be easy for all of our users to access their dashboard as quickly as possible. So we redesigned the sign in page to reflect that. Now when you come to the sign in page you will see icons for each user type. Just choose yours and log in.

One of the major design changes was to move the navigation from the top of the page to the right side. You will see all of the main pages, as well as some of the links that were previously in that top black bar. A few of the pages also have sub-menus; clicking them will display the sub-pages. For example, under the Profile page you have sub-menus for both editing your profile and modifying your email settings.

Speaking of your profile, we rolled out a brand new profile that makes you the star. Along with providing a box of important info on the top like your VID and hours, we’ve made those hard-earned VPins stand out even more.

We built this version from all of the wonderful feedback you, the user, gave us. We wanted to make sure that it was even easier to give your feedback in this version so we hear more of your thoughts and ideas and implement them into the site. We’ve built a pretty cool feedback button into the site. It sits on the bottom right of the page whenever you login and allows you to make comments on the site as a whole or even pin-point where you are running into issues. So as you explore the site, be sure to hit that button and let us know what you think. Remember – every user that submits a bug or feature request gets a special VPin – just be sure to leave your email in the feedback.

So that’s just a super high-level overview of the new site. I encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think. We’re always working on new things – so keep your eyes posted. The next feature we build might just be yours.

Thanks for all of your support and keep doing good!

- Kevin