Blog Action Day: The Power of We

Every year more than a thousand bloggers take a day and talk about one subject – one social good idea – and they call it Blog Action Day. Since 2007, each year has a unique theme, from food to poverty to the environment. This year the theme for Blog Action Day is the ‘Power of We’ and we thought it was quite a fitting topic for GoVoluntr because, really, GoVoluntr is all about people working together to make change in their local communities. That is what we have spent the last year doing: making it easier for non-profits to support their communities, for volunteers to find opportunities and volunteer, and for businesses to get involved. We’ve provided youth with rugby coaching, we’ve fed seniors and the under-privileged, we’ve tutored kids in reading and math, we’ve helped with creek clean-ups and charity dinners, we’ve made a difference in our communities. So to each of you that make up our we, thank you. With over 8000 hours and counting, thank you for believing in the Power of We.

- The GoVoluntr Team