Millennials in the Workforce

A few weeks ago I got the amazing opportunity to be part of a panel discussion on millennials in the workforce at Cisco’s IT Executive Symposium in San Diego. One of the questions I continually was asked was how do corporate social values affect the new generation as a workforce and, more importantly, what should we as a company be doing about it. The collection of 110 CIOs and other IT executives knew that without preparing for the millennials coming in they were going to be left behind. So I thought I would share my response here:

Millennials seek fulfilling work. The question many Millennials are now asking when considering where to take their career is ‘How does this company support its community and our society?” In fact, the factor of social impact is, in some cases, more important than the question of pay. A recent study from Net Impact shows that 45% of Millennials are willing to take a pay cut in order to make a social and environmental impact via their work. The case for meaningful work in the form of social impact extends further; the benefits to employers are equally clear. When you look at companies like Salesforce with a triple-bottom-line mission, you can see the positive externalities. Employees who volunteer are not only building team culture, but are happier, more engaged, and more consistently present. Data continues to indicate that businesses do well by doing good and that genuine cause related marketing is a winning strategy for engaging Millennials both as employees and as consumers. What’s not to like?

So I pose the question to you. What is your company doing about it? Tell us in the comments.

- Kevin