My New Addiction: Volunteering

[Editor's note: This is a guest blog post by Lydia Pickett from Westminster Promotions. Want to be a guest blogger? Contact us!]

Greetings Do Gooders and future Do Gooders. Congrats for making your way over to and kudos for checking out the blog. You’re halfway down the path to the next best thing that ever happened to you: Volunteering. It’s addictive, people – in the very best way!

A little about how I came to become a Do Gooder  (and Volunteering Addict)…

I work for a small design and promotions firm in the bay area, Westminster Promotions.  When we decided we wanted to become more involved in the community we joined the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and quickly got acquainted with all of the wonderful folks there.  One of those folks was the very smiley, energetic, brilliant, and inspiring Young Han.  When I heard he was starting a business I was (obviously) intrigued. That’s when I discovered GoVoluntr.

After cruising around on the site for a bit, I found an opportunity I thought would suit my interests and schedule.  Although I didn’t have any personal ties to the cause, I still felt compelled to sign up to make a difference.  I’d always wanted to be more involved in my community and this was so easy! And so it began.  I signed up for my first GoVoluntr event: The Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  I told a couple of friends about it, who gladly joined me very early in the morning to get set up and help the registrants check in to the event.  It was still dark at 6 in the morning, mind you, but we all sat there smiling, nonetheless.

As an added bonus, I was informed by one of my co-volunteer friends that’s she’d mentioned it to some more folks.  Those people had a family member with Alzheimer’s.   As a result, not only did they sign up to walk – they raised over $1,000 for the cause.

My heart was happy.  Sitting there on a beautiful day with my beautiful friends knowing we were doing something good.  Quite possibly one of the most addictive feelings in the world.  I wanted more.

The event was just last month and I’ve subsequently signed up for two other volunteer opportunities.  And I anticipate signing up for at least one a month from here on out.

When you volunteer,  you not only help the cause you’re volunteering for, you also inspire.  Just as Young  and the GoVoluntr crew inspired me, I inspired my friends (and possibly even YOU).  Those friends inspired even more people… and who knows how many others became inspired as a result.   The best domino effect ever!   Head over to the GoVoluntr events page and find something you can be a part of, even if it’s just the one time you ever volunteer – but I can assure you it won’t be.  ;)

Follow me: I’m  VID 198 and I look forward to meeting you at an event soon!

- Lydia Pickett

Girls featured in photo from left to right – Natasha Orozco, Lydia Pickett, Lisa Lynch