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Hey Do Gooders,

Some of you may have heard, but in case you haven’t – I’d like to share some great news. We’ve joined 33 other amazing startups as part of the 500 Startup’s 2011 Fall Class! We are just wrapping up the first of a three month program and are thrilled to be part of such a collaborative and innovative group. We could not have made it here without the help and support of our community, so thank you for believing and supporting the GoVoluntr vision. We’re going to soak in all the learnings we can during our time with 500 Startups to make GoVoluntr the premier destination for all things “good!” Expect greatness!

I titled my post as “Amplify” because that’s the one word that comes to mind when I think about our journey with 500 Startups thus far. Imagine what comes to mind when you think of startups – the blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears, excitement, energy, passion, and hunger (literally and figuratively) – then amplify it. Nothing quite prepares you for the experience we’ve just begun. From the awesome view of Mountain View at the 500 Startups office, to the open and collaborative environment between the fellow startups, to the inspirational speakers who come to talk about technology and business, it’s simply been first rate. We’ve met with speakers like Patrick Mckenzie and mentors such as Hong Quan and David Shen who have sat down with us to share their feedback and ideas on how to take GoVoluntr to the next level. Needless to say we’ve been challenged and empowered to “up” our game.

We’ve also upped the ante in other ways…
492 cups of coffee,
76 whiteboards erased and filled again,
6 all nighters,
290 take-out meals,
3 bruises and a black eye (don’t ask),
and 86 high fives later…

We’ve seen huge progress across GoVoluntr efforts. To date we’ve tracked over 1300 volunteer hours, signed up over 30 nonprofits, and awarded over 500 VPins. We’re also working hard to build out a new business profile and CSR metrics dashboard that will help businesses measure their CSR and engagment with the community, tracking metrics like employee’s hours, volunteer locations, and favorite causes. Learn more about it on our site.

As we continue to learn and grow as part of 500 Startup’s Fall Class, we are reminded daily of the many ways we hope to “amplify” the volunteer world and to be an “amplifier” for your do-goodery through GoVoluntr. We look forward to making this possible every day.

I’m VID# 2, follow me on GoVoluntr.com, and check back for more updates on what we’re up to with 500 Startups.

- Young

Work Hard, Play Harder, GoVoluntr Hardest!


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