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New Year’s Resolution Making Cheat

[Editor's note: As we wrap up January, you only have a few more days to call this a new year. Read Jonathan's take on doing good this year! Check out Jonathan's profile here and follow him, he's VID 82!]

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to practice blogging more… BAM, think I’m off to a good start. Ok, truth be told I kinda knew this blogging thing was going to be coming up this year, thus my little cheat in making that one of my resolutions. I’m not big into the “NYR” making and upholding, so I tend to be the type to make funny resolutions to make people laugh or to make “cheat” resolutions that are simply too foreseeable and/or enjoyable not to accomplish within the year, such as my buddy’s resolution to “eat more BBQ this year” or mine to blog.

I recently came across an article while browsing social media the first few days of this year that mentioned “New Year’s Resolutions are often times made more for others than yourself,” which only fueled my excuses and nonfulfillment to the famed January question of “did you make any resolutions this year?” However, the fact is that I do enjoy being social — not a “party pooper” — and partake in fun conversation. So that could be why I probably put just as much thought, if not more, into coming up with entertaining or “cheat” resolutions. Oh, and they’re way easier to uphold and tick off the list. I guess I’m guilty of doing this more for others than myself, but what if we could use our New Year’s Resolutions for more than fun? What if we could use them for good? To help others?

So I’d like to propose a resolution that is simple and fun and borderlines being a “cheat” because it’s that enjoyable. Make a New Year’s Resolution to “get more involved in the community and or causes that are important (to you)”. It may sound a bit ambitious, but finding some local volunteer opportunities that align with your interest can be quite easy, enjoyable, and addicting.
Sound like an enticing resolution idea yet? It doesn’t need to be a coastal clean up (though I always enjoy a day at the beach). You can get involved by doing anything from face painting to being an ambassador and attendee at a festival (think music, food, wine) to helping at food and clothing drives to even hanging out in the Giants’ dugout to help with a fundraiser event for local causes (I personally got to do that this year, it was awesome).

So what do you think of my resolution for 2015? If you like this cheat, please do use it! Below are a few of my picks to check out and get involved with but, you can browse through hundreds of opportunities [] and organizations that match your likes or area and then claim that resolutions to make a difference this year.

Spring Pick- Silicon Valley Tour de Cure
Summer Pick- San Jose Jazz’s Summer Fest
Autumn Pick- Guadalupe River Park’s Rose Garden
Winter Pick- Christmas In The Park

Be Profoundly Positive

Profound: adverb – a very great or intense emotion.

Be profoundly positive. A simple concept with tremendous ramifications. After deciding to leave Apple and start GoVoluntr, this concept has become so prevalent in many ways. During my time at Apple there was something Ron Johnson (former VP of Apple Retail) would always say to his leaders and reports. “Be Profoundly Positive.” It sounds cliche and typical of an executive to say and most may not pay heed to a mantra so generic, but as I’ve been working on getting GoVoluntr up off the ground with some successes coupled with it’s challenges, I’ve experienced so many instances where this is needed in all of us, in every level, everyday.

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